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What you may want to Consider #5: Planning out your re-enrollment

We have decided to write a series of short articles giving suggestions on what business managers and school leadership may consider doing now or this month. These may require some effort, but we have found that they promote organization, understanding and build trust around the finance and operations of a school. Like schools, these articles are calendar driven and are relevant to the school month in which they are published.

At this time of year, you should have completed or nearly completed your budget for next school year. With your school fees agreed for next year you can start to focus on the re-enrollment process. Although there may be shared documents and regular meetings with the Admissions department, it is worthwhile having an extra kickoff meeting to align all stakeholders involved in the process.

This meeting could cover off such aspects as:

- Changes in government regulations and student contracts.

- Changes to software or improvements in technology that may aid reenrollment completion.

- Setting out the re-enrollment timetable.

Almost without exception international schools are faced with increasing levels of competition. Planning and managing the re-enrollment experience for current families is important in projecting the school's professionalism.

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