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What you may want to Consider #4: Taking Care of Yourself!

We have decided to write a series of short articles giving suggestions on what business managers and school leadership may consider doing now or this month. These may require some effort, but we have found that they promote organization, understanding and build trust around the finance and operations of a school. Like schools, these articles are calendar driven and are relevant to the school month in which they are published.

This time of year (the start of December) is often the time when teams start to become more fractious, as staff are going through a negative cycle caused by fatigue as their energy and enthusiasm from the start of the semester has gone. School Leadership is often called upon to help faculty and staff focus on the positive. It may sound like stating the obvious, but this is a reminder to all leaders that you have got to take care of yourself first.

And sometimes, that looks like going back to basics:

- Making sure that you eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

- Making sure that you drink plenty of water.

- Making sure that you organise your time and schedule 3 meals a day.

You can not achieve great things without first achieving the basics.

Marginal gains made in the area of self-care pay off exponentially in overall productivity and effectiveness.

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