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What you may want to Consider #1: Write an article on the summer construction & maintenance

We have decided to write a series of short articles giving suggestions on what business managers and school leadership may consider doing now or this month. These may require some effort, but we have found that they promote organization, understanding and build trust around the finance and operations of a school. Like schools, these articles are calendar driven and are relevant to the school month in which they are published.

As your school returns from the summer break, the levels of energy increase steadily. Starting when new faculty arrive, then when all faculty return, followed by new students and finally when classes kick off for all the kids.

Usually, however the summer break months have also not been a period of tranquility on the campus and a lot of maintenance and building improvement has taken place. Over a period of 6 or 8 weeks a school can spend millions of dollars and it is worth promoting where this money has gone.

As such we recommend that you write an article for your community so that they can understand what has been done, (it may not always be obvious) where money has been spent and the impact that this will have on the school environment.

Keep the article engaging (before and after photos, video links) and do not be afraid of sharing some detailed information if this promotes trust and shows that the school is a good custodian of parent money.

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