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Sage Consultancy understands the importance of market data from comparable schools as the basis for good business decisions.

Survey Process


Sage Consultancy has an online database to support the automation of the surveys.  We use an interface/portal which enables the secure and confidential collection and sharing of data through a password protected website. Each survey user is given individual access rights specific to their school and job role. This also enables the sharing of data input responsibilities between staff members at a school.

Types of Survey

Overseas Hire Faculty Salary & Benefits Survey - The purpose of this survey is to allow schools to benchmark their faculty salary & benefits offering against other comparable schools.

Administrative Staff Salary & Benefits Survey - This survey is intended to provide comparative information on salary and benefit offerings to a range of leadership positions not included in the annual faculty survey. These include department heads, athletic and performing arts directors and higher-level leadership positions though not the head of school.

Whole School Data Survey - The whole school survey provides a wide range of financial and operating data for comparative and analytical use by business managers, finance committees and school heads to understand their financial position and operational metrics more fully.

Our Value Proposition

We believe that the Sage Consultancy is uniquely qualified to undertake these types of surveys.

  • Our consultants have experience within several schools, including those that have participated in surveys, and will more readily be able to validate the data, identify and investigate outlier statistics, and ensure quality results. Further, having several consultants reviewing the data will improve data scrubbing. 

  • Our consultants bring experience and analysis in the interpretation and implementation of the data provided. All consultants have used these types of surveys in their own schools, have revised or redeveloped faculty compensation based on the results, and have presented S&B findings to school leadership, faculty and faculty committees as well as finance committees and boards.  

  • Our consultants have extensive experience in international schools and understand the rigor required for data integrity and the high levels of confidentiality required. 

  • Our Consultancy is represented in several locations throughout the world and can easily and economically attend any meetings to discuss the surveys and the resulting data.

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