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Our Professional Development Offering

Sage Consultancy understands that international schools are unique. They operate under special circumstances and have special professional development needs. Sage Consultancy have developed a curriculum of courses which we are specifically designed for School Leadership, Finance, HR and Operations staff of international schools.

We run online group courses throughout the school year, using our learning management system for asynchronous learning and online meetings for the course cohort to collaborate and reinforce their learning. Our learning management system also contains stand-alone courses for school staff to access and work through at their own pace.

From the summer of 2024 to meet the professional development needs of Finance and Operations leaders, Sage Consultancy will provide an in-person International School Business Management Institute.  The institute offers two strands of learning: a 'Cornerstones Program' consisting of three days of teaching of the vital elements of School Business Management, which is targeted at those new to School Business Management Roles or those wishing to learn more about this important work and an 'Advanced Program' which builds on the basics of school business management and supports further learning of school business management professionals.

Conference Professional Development

Sage Consultancy is engaged regularly to deliver professional development at school leadership conferences. We have organized and delivered deep dives, pre-conference institutes and professional strands focused on school Finance, HR and Operations Staff.

We are always happy to take on new engagements to support the professional development of international school staff.

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