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Sage Consultancy partners with school HR leaders to develop consistent payroll practices and ensure that salaries and benefits are employee focused within the culture and budgets of the school. We help schools to set up practices that promote employee engagement and retention. We have specific expertise in the following areas.

Salaries and Benefits


For both Faculty and Support Staff we can help schools to plan and implement a review of salaries and benefits. This includes benchmarking work, pay scale design, contract documentation and communication plans.

Performance Management Systems

Sage Consultancy will help a school navigate the selection and implementation of a performance management system to motivate and engage support staff and middle management.  

Professional Development for Middle Management and Support Staff

One of the strengths of any school is the human resources in its middle management and support staff. Sage Consultancy partners with schools who wish to develop bespoke professional development targeted at this group of employees.

Stipend Review

We support schools as they undertake a review of their stipend payments and provide benchmarking, structures and communications plans.

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