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Analysing Data


Good Financial reporting, dashboard information, budgeting and forecast development are crucial for decision making and successful school leadership. Sage Consultancy help schools develop the reporting documents and structures that fit to their needs and governance model.

Finance Committee & Board Reports

Sage Consultancy works with schools to develop clear, predictive reporting that gives context to financial results in a multi year environment.

Finance and Operations Dashboard Development


Sage Consultancy supports Business Leadership in developing dashboard reporting systems that provide timely transparent information on the position and trends of the school's finances and operations.


Cash flow and Multi year forecasting

In times of uncertainty and possible large capital commitments Sage Consultancy offers support in developing forecasts and plans that are robust and flexible. We develop analysis with regards to the assumptions underpinning our work and ensure the models are reported clearly and concisely. This supports both established schools looking to expand and start up schools who need help in developing business plans.

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