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Up to thirty percent of a school's annual expenses and a considerable part of it's operational complication and risk is contained within the provision of facilities and services. In order to offer a safe and efficient campus a school requires expertise and support. At Sage we have targeted services to help drive facilities management improvements.

Maintenance Planning

We support business and facilities professionals in the development of their maintenance planning. We help identify areas where improvements can be made in asset management and assist in implementing and delivering these improvements. 

Facilities Master Planning 


When a school undertakes Facilities Master Planning and campus redesign it may be faced with situations unfamiliar to it's Leadership. Sage Consultancy offers expertise to help a school understand the costs, roles, and redundancy of this large undertaking.  

Tendering & Contract Negotiation


Construction contract negotiation and tendering can be a daunting task. Sage Consultancy provides support in preparation of tender documentation, vendor evaluation and contract development.

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