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Mentoring is not just a brain to pick, or an ear to listen, or someone to push you in the right direction, a mentor can help to shorten your learning curve and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Our team covers the gamut of school leadership positions and we can support your school leadership team to new levels of excellence. We are here to help schools to support their:

  • Head of School / School Director

  • Director of Finance and Operations

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Facilities

We use a number of tools to assess our mentees and determine their experience, strengths and personality. So that we can develop a process and rapport to support their growth. 

School Board and Head of School joint mentoring and mediation


The partnership between the Head of School and the Board is the most important factor in the strategic development of a school. At Sage we provide support and counsel to help make this a positive productive relationship. 

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