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School Finances for Non-Financial School Administrators in International Education

School Finances for Non-Financial School Administrators in International Education" is a fundamental training program designed to equip educational leaders, including school heads, principals, and administrators, with the foundational knowledge and skills required for effective financial management in educational institutions. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of financial concepts, budgeting, resource allocation, and financial decision-making within the unique context of schools. Participants will gain confidence in their ability to make informed financial choices that support the educational mission and fiscal responsibility of their schools.


Course Objectives:


Financial Fundamentals: Gain a solid foundation in financial concepts, including budgeting, accounting principles, and financial reporting.


Budget Development: Learn how to create and manage budgets that align with the school's educational goals and priorities.


Resource Allocation: Understand the principles of resource allocation to ensure optimal use of financial resources.


Financial Reporting and Analysis: Develop skills in financial reporting and data analysis to monitor financial health and make informed decisions.


Financial Sustainability: Explore strategies for long-term financial planning, risk management, and fiscal sustainability.


Compliance and Accountability: Understand financial regulations and accountability mechanisms specific to educational institutions.


Financial Communication: Learn effective communication techniques to convey financial information to stakeholders.

Course Content

Week One

Basics of financial accounting and understanding financial statements

Budgeting and Financial Management

Week Two

Working capital management,

Financial Stability

Financing Building Projects

Week Three

Compliance requirements

 Investment decisions

Presenting Financial Information

Learning Goals


This course aims to meet the requirements of educational leaders who would like to obtain a better understanding of school finance. Understanding financial concepts and developing the ability to see the implications of numbers is a key outcome of this program, which aims to help participants:


  • Understand the implications of finance on various activities

  • Understand and analyze financial reports

  • Be in a better position to discuss relevant financial issues with finance managers and stakeholders in their school.

  • Understand the impact of various decisions on a school’s financial performance.


Get practical insights and gain swift appreciation of the fundamentals of finance and accounting.

Course Facilitators

Mark Temperley

Russell Cooke

Who should join this course

This course is tailored for educational leaders, including school heads, principals, vice-principals, and administrators responsible for financial management within schools.

Course Logistics

Course Start: 2 April 2024

Meeting Dates: 9 Apr 2024 / 16 Apr 2024 / 23 Apr 2024

Timing: Tuesday, 13:00 CET

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Course Weekly Meeting: 90 minutes 

Course Cost: USD 300

This course is an online course, where participants will have access to instructional materials through our learning management system and attend online zoom meetings for further collaborative and peer to peer learning.

Maximum participants for this online course is 20 only. Register now!

Registration is not complete until payment has been received by Sage Consultancy.

All Course materials, Online discussions and participant communication is managed through our learning management system.

Registration Deadline: 15 March 2024

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