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New Emissions Reporting Requirements - Managing Your Responsibilities

Various jurisdictions have introduced, or are in the process, of introducing new reporting standards for emissions.  Schools over a 

certain size, or belonging to some groups, may fall within the scope of this reporting and finance professionals working in 

schools need to be prepared and aware of what their responsibilities are.   


Participants will learn how to align their financial strategies with sustainability goals and fulfill regulatory compliance obligations. 


Webinar Objectives: 


Understanding GHG Emissions Reporting: Explore the significance of GHG emissions reporting in the context of educational 

finance and sustainability. 


Global Standards and Frameworks: Familiarize participants with global GHG emissions reporting standards, such as the  Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and their applicability to educational institutions. 


Data Collection and Measurement: Learn how to gather accurate emissions data, calculate emissions, and identify emission 

sources within school operations. 


GHG Emissions Reporting Tools: Explore software and tools available for efficient GHG emissions data management and  eporting.


Regulatory Compliance: Understand local, state, and national reporting requirements and ensure compliance with GHG emission regulations. 

Webinar Content

By the end of this course, participants will be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of GHG emissions reporting and align their financial strategies with sustainability goals. They will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure regulatory compliance, engage stakeholders, and contribute to their school's  environmental responsibility and financial sustainability.

Course Facilitator

Mark Temperley

Who should join this course

This course is designed for finance professionals responsible for sustainability reporting and financial management within educational institutions.

Webinar Logistics

Webinar Start: 23 April 2024, 13:00 CET

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Cost: Free

Maximum participants for this online webinar is 30 only. Register now!

Registration Deadline: 19 April 2024

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