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The Cornerstones of Financial Management at International Schools

Sound financial management has always been important to the success of any international school.

In this course, we will provide you with templates and explain systems and strategies to help you learn about this important business subject area and help you and your school succeed.

Over four weeks of instruction, peer to peer learning, individual conversations and lively group discussions, you will learn all aspects of school financial management and its communication.

Course Content

Week One

Planning & Managing the Finance Committee

Week Three

Getting your school fee strategy correct

Week Two

Successful Budgeting and Long Term Planning

Week Four

Communicating Effectively

The course enables participants to understand their current financial governance in the context of generally accepted good governance and to develop strategies for change if they are needed.


Participants will learn what and how to manage Finance Committee reporting as well as how to develop a financial calendar for use within their school and the school's Finance Committee.

To support the work with their Finance Committee and other stakeholders, course participants will be taught what data to collect and how to present it.

Participants will be able to prepare budget documentation, manage the budgeting process and prepare and communicate budget presentations.

Participants will be able to develop and present a fee-setting strategy.

Participants will be able to develop multi-year forecasts to support the long term financial security of their school and to model the effects of increasing competition or capital investment.

Who should join this course

This course supports not only business and finance leadership of a school, but also academic leadership who would like to know more about a school's financial aspects. This course is also suitable for finance managers wishing to know more about the workings of finance committee and the role and responsibilities of the business manager.

Using different teaching strategies our goal is that the participants will be able to internalize their learning for application at their school. The content, structure and timing of the course should also encourage peer support as this is intended to be a collaborative learning process.

Course Start: Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Course Weekly meeting: Tuesday 18:00 Singapore time (UTC+08:00)

Meeting Duration: 90 Minutes

Course Cost: US$400

Maximum Participants for course: 20.

This is an online course.

All Course materials, Online discussions and participant 

communication is managed through our learning management system.

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