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Sage Consultancy partners with Albert Risk Management Consultants, one of the largest independent risk management and insurance consultants in the US, to provide support in all aspects of risk programs and insurance. 

Enterprise Risk Management


If an organization fails to identify risks to its existence, it will be ill prepared to face any risk events. We guide your enterprise risk management efforts along a pragmatic path, streamlining the process and helping you avoid any roadblocks and stumbling points to creating sustainable risk recognition and mitigation management.

Insurance Review

We evaluate exposures and examine risk and insurance programs to determine whether assets are adequately and cost-effectively protected.

Business Continuity Management

We guide your school to help develop policies, a framework, plans and responses to ensure resilience and long-term survival following a serious disruptive incident. The Business Continuity Plans (BCP) developed are tailored to meet the needs of your school.


Emergency Response Documentation and Review

Despite the most comprehensive risk management programs an organization may be faced with an emergency situation. We evaluate all emergency documentation and processes and help schools simulate emergency situations to test their planning.

Crisis Management and Communication


Schools will be faced with crisis situations of varying degrees of seriousness. We support you in establishing all the necessary structures and documentation required for crisis events. We run bespoke simulation training to prepare Leadership and School Boards for such events. 

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